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RELYBO PHARMACHEMICAL CO.,LTD. ("RELYBO" for short, while the word of RELYBO comes from "reliable" by a similar glyph and pronunciation) has always been focusing on the field of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, mainly engaged in APIs & Intermediates, Fine Chemicals, Basic Chemicals, Agrochemicals and Organic Solvents, etc.
Since its establishment, RELYBO has already been keeping stable development of business, while its products are exported to Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and RELYBO enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. After years of unremitting efforts, RELYBO has established strategic cooperation with many well-known R&D institutions in China, and also established production bases of Organic Fluorine Chemistry and Organic Sulfur Chemistry Separately in Fuxin, Liaoning Province and Yangcheng, Shanxi Province. Thus, RELYBO has changed from a single trade-oriented company to a diversified comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and trade. 
RELYBO has an excellent team, which is professional, efficient and dynamic, while this team started in 2004. It is worth mentioning that RELYBO became a member enterprise of "DUDLEY CHEM" in 2019, which brought RELYBO to reorganize and establish some core divisions / departments such as Pharmachemical Division, Agrochemical Division, Marketing Department and so on. Looking forward to greater development of RELYBO in the future!
Adhering to the business philosophy of "Development & Innovation, based on the Market; Honesty & Pragmatism, loyal to the Commitment" and with the mission of "Pursuing Customer Satisfaction and Creating Greater Value for Customers", RELYBO is always providing customers with high-quality products and first-class services! 
The World Health Organization on Wednesday voiced concerns over news reports that the United States government has bought almost all the stocks of key COVID-19 drug remdesivir.

US President Donald Trump's administration has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against COVID-19, causing alarm among experts and campaigners, the Guardian newspaper reported.

Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO Health Emergencies Program, said the WHO is aware of media reports about procurement of the remdesivir stock and is working with colleagues and partners in the COVID-19 Tools Accelerator program to verify the reports.

"Obviously there are many people around the world who are very sick with this disease. And we want to ensure that everybody has access to the necessary life-saving interventions," Ryan told a virtual news briefing from Geneva.

He reiterated the WHO's pledge, saying "we are fully committed as an organization with our partners to equitable access to lifesaving interventions".

When asked if the US had made a pledge to make sure COVID-19 vaccines are global public goods, Ryan said it was a question for the US government.

China and several other countries have pledged to make vaccines global public goods once their development proves successful.

US President Donald Trump announced in late May to terminate relations with the WHO and also cut US funding to the global health body.

Talking about the current relationship between WHO and the US, Ryan said he can only speak to the technical collaboration. "Certainly we are grateful to continue to engage with our technical counterparts in the United States in all matters related to science and public health," he said.

"We are in contact. We are still discussing. There are collaboration on many issues," said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Remdesivir, the first drug approved by licensing authorities in the US to treat COVID-19, is made by Gilead and has been shown to help people recover faster from the pandemic.

The first 140,000 doses, supplied to drug trials around the world, have been used up. The US government has now bought more than 500,000 doses, which is all of Gilead's production for July and 90 percent of August and September.

"President Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorized therapeutic for COVID-19," said US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

"To the extent possible, we want to ensure that any American patient who needs remdesivir can get it. The Trump administration is doing everything in our power to learn more about life-saving therapeutics for Covid-19 and secure access to these options for the American people," he said.

The drug is under patent to Gilead, which means no other company in wealthy countries can make it. The cost is around $3,200 per treatment of six doses, according to the US government statement.

COVID-19 cases in the US are spiraling out of control. The US has recorded more than 1.5 million cases and 126,000 deaths from COVID-19, the highest in the world. On Tuesday, it reported 41,008 new cases and 885 deaths, according to WHO.

The Guardian contributed to this story.

                                                                              By CHEN WEIHUA in Brussels | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-07-02
  • China will give priority to improving the ecology of its bay areas as it ratchets up control of marine pollution in the coming five years, a senior environmental official said on Thursday.

    As part of the country's efforts to build a beautiful China, the initiative also aims to meet public demand for enjoying the sea, said Zhai Qing, vice-minister of Ecology and Environment, at a national conference on drafting marine environment and ecology protection plans for the next five years.

    As key ecological spaces for marine organisms, bay areas are also where most of mankind's sea activities occur and where conflicts between development and protection are concentrated, he said.

    "The changes in the water quality and ecological systems in bay areas will determine the success or failure of the work on marine environment and ecological protection during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25)," he stressed.

    The efforts to ramp up bay remediation is also of interest to the public. A public survey done for marine protection shows that 85 percent of respondents expressed strong willingness to enjoy the sea, he said.

    "From now on, we should explicitly put forward the target of building beautiful bays. That is to transform all of the country's 1,467 bays into beautiful ones before 2035 with no more than three five-year plans," he said.

    Environmental quality, ecological conditions and whether people are satisfied will be key indicators used to judge if a bay is beautiful or not, according to the ministry.

    Zhai also noted a series of challenges in marine protection.

    While the discharge of wastewater from industrial, agricultural and domestic sources in coastal areas remains high, there are also a lot of polluting sources in the sea, such as sea farming and shipping, he said.

    The large number of chemical parks and the increasing number of marine drilling platforms also pose great environmental hazards, he added.

    "Marine ecological degradation has yet to be curbed," he said.

    The initiative to improve bay environments comes as water quality in the country's sea areas continues to improve.

    During the summer of 2019, water from 97 percent of the country's sea areas stayed at Grade I, the highest quality in the country's four-tier quality system for seawater, up 0.7 percentage points year-on-year.

    Summer is the most polluted season for the country's sea areas because of the pollutants that enter the sea via rainwater from the land.

    Meanwhile, 28,340 square kilometers of sea areas were found with water below Grade IV, the poorest quality, down by 4,930 square kilometers year-on-year, according to the ministry.

                                                                                              By Hou Liqiang | China Daily | Updated: 2020-07-31
  • The planned combined investment includes major innovative technology development and implementation for large-scale manufacture of active ingredients for penicillin products.

    Sandoz intends to invest more than EUR 150 million over the next five years to strengthen the long-term competitiveness of its integrated antibiotic manufacturing operations at Kundl, developing and introducing innovative manufacturing technology for both active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms (FDFs).

    Under the joint plan, which is subject to formal approvals by both parties, the Austrian federal government would contribute or coordinate public funding totaling approximately EUR 50 million towards the total investment, as part of its efforts to increase European-based production of essential medicines.

    Sandoz and the Austrian government anticipate a formal closing of the agreement before the end of the year.

    The government funding would primarily support new process technology to produce APIs for penicillin products at Kundl. Sandoz would commit to related penicillin API production in Europe for the next ten years, despite fierce global price competition, particularly from China.

    Sandoz said it produces enough penicillin products at Kundl to potentially meet all current Europe-wide demand. Kundl is the Sandoz competence center for antibiotic FDFs and the focal point of its European antibiotics manufacturing network.

                                                                                                                        From CPhI Online
  • Lonza and Junshi Biosciences have announced that the first healthy volunteer has been dosed in a Phase I clinical study of JS016 at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in China.

    JS016 is the first SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody that has entered clinical trials in China and is produced using Lonza’s GS Xceed gene expression system. This follows on from a successful launch of the first PD-1-targeting antibody using GS Xceed last year.

    At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, Junshi Biosciences rapidly launched the R&D program focused on neutralizing antibodies using Lonza's GS Xceed expression system. Within 2 months, the company had completed investigational new drug (IND) enabling preclinical studies, process development and production for GLP toxicity studies, as well as the GMP production of clinical material.

    Junshi Biosciences is collaborating with Eli Lilly to co-develop JS016 globally, with Junshi leading clinical development in Greater China and Lilly leading clinical development in the rest of the world.

    Lonza’s expression technology platform includes host cell lines, vectors, and access to optimized media and feeds, as well as comprehensive methods and processes. It can express a diverse range of biologic drugs and has an unparalleled track record of successfully taking programs from gene through cell line construction to commercial products.

    Together with the technical and regulatory expertise, this expression system is expected to provide valuable support for the JS016 program by helping to improve cell line development timelines and improving yields.

    Dr Feng Hui, Chief Operation Officer of Junshi Biosciences said: “Time to market is critical in this campaign against COVID-19. By leveraging Lonza’s GS Xceed gene expression system, Junshi is now successfully advancing JS016 into clinical stage in China. This powerful GS platform enabled us to fast-track chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) development from stable cell line generation to non-GMP Tox material supply to GMP clinical manufacturing."

                                                                                                                      From CPhI Online
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